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The Importance of Company Overview Videos

Video marketing is rapidly growing and that includes company branding. Companies need to stand out from their competitors while appealing to consumers. With all the content online, it's common for content to get lost in the noise. Company videos can have many different forms depending on the overall purpose of the video. A good company overview video fits your brand and audience, while also providing viewers with relevant information in an engaging way.

The Benefits of Overview Videos

First, a company overview video shows who your company is and what they do best. Corporate videos are a quick and professional way to tell a company’s story. They typically stay within five minutes long and highlight the most useful information to viewers. You can feature your company video on your company website so that visitors learn about your company without having to scroll. The average user spends 88% more time on websites with video.

A corporate video also helps expand your reach to a larger audience. Video content is easy to share and advertise on social media. This helps with keeping your brand content consistent. This also includes emails! The click-through rate for emails increases by 96% for emails that include video. A great video creates meaningful engagement and drives that traffic back to your website. This is also a great strategy to improve your SEO. Videos boost company rankings in search engines and increase overall website visits and conversions.

Types of Company Videos

Depending on the goals or the business, company videos can be made in several different ways. Video is great with covering a large amount of information in an easily consumable way. A company video can take the form of any (or a combination) of the following types:

Brand Documentary: A brand documentary features your company’s story, philosophy, and personality front and center. They can include things like employee and client testimonials to provide the personal angle. With brand documentaries, it’s all about providing an intimate view of your company and sharing your mission and values. Brand documentaries are often short – less than 1-2 minutes and have a more informal style.

Company Profile: A profile video provides a brief synopsis of who a company is, what they do, and the features or benefits they offer. Profiles provide a company’s overall value proposition in a streamlined format to address customer needs and wants and how they provide a solution. The profile video is a good choice for a more formal video that provides insight into a company’s goods and/or services.

Culture Video: A company culture video is usually geared towards potential employees and is like a brand documentary in some ways. Successful culture videos tell good, honest stories and showcase the personal experiences of company insiders.

Creating a Successful Video

As with any creative project, it takes pre-production planning and strategizing to achieve the desired end-result. Figuring out your goals, budget, and desired outcomes will be crucial in getting the most out of your company video.

First, determine your goals. If your company wants to drive traffic and increase brand awareness, a company profile video or brand documentary are fantastic options. If the video is planned to be used for internal hires, a culture video is the most effective way to go.

There may be several goals that you want to hit with one video, but you should keep it simple. If you're looking to accomplish multiple video goals with your company, consider creating multiple videos. The more information you try to squeeze into a short-form video, the less engaging the video will be, making it a less effective video.

Once you've covered that step, it's time to decide on the overall direction of the video. Is this going to be an introductory video for new viewers unfamiliar with your company? Or, will it be more explanatory? Company overviews can cover a profile of the company or they can feature how your company solves a problem in your market.

Video is projected to make up 82% of all web traffic by 2022. Companies should hop on that trend while it's still early enough. Videos increase overall engagement and web traffic. They also increase brand awareness for companies. Having a company overview video is a great way to introduce your company to new potential customers. Overview videos can take different forms and styles depending on your company’s video goals. A company overview video should not only be engaging, but it also should be informative. Great corporate videos provide valuable insight into a company. This can be accomplished either through a video showcasing the company's culture, or one that highlights how the company solves a problem. If you don’t already have a corporate video, you should highly consider including one in your video strategy for 2021!

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